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Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund in Curtin University, Australia

About Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship

We’ve launched an innovative new Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund, alongside Curtin University Australia. This fund will enable companies and individuals to donate cryptocurrency to fund Ph.D. students in the areas of blockchain, cybersecurity, and data analytics. The crowd-sourced fund uses a Web 3.0 payment system developed by us and project partners Nelnet International to allow real-time, peer-to-peer payments on both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. As the fund is built, a series of projects will be announced which students can apply for while significant donors of cryptocurrency have named themselves as PhD Scholarships in their areas of interest.>>END

Curtin University Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund

Curtin University Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Excellence Professor Garry Allison said the scholarship fund was a great opportunity for investors in cryptocurrencies to help nurture a new crop of PhD graduates who can further develop these new technologies in the future.

“Further work is required to identify and develop those applications that are best suited to the attributes of blockchain and Curtin University is responding to this by establishing the Cryptocurrency PhD Fund.”

Eligibility & How to Apply for Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund

The Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund will enable peer-to-peer payments from donors to Curtin University with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Centrality will also make its Web 3.0 platform and developer toolkits available for students and researchers. This will enable the Curtin community to use real-world software to build decentralized applications that leverage the latest technology, like Industry 4.0.

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Centrality Group General Manager Jerome Faury said the fund would have a significant impact on both workforces and blockchain research.

“As cutting edge technology like Web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 rapidly evolves, the agreement with Curtin will ensure that graduates are able to use up-to-the-minute skills to contribute to a future which focuses on digital equality and putting consumers back in control of their data,” Mr Faury said.

“These graduates won’t just research technology, they’ll contribute positively to building a more equitable digital economy.”

Curtin is working with payment platform provider Nelnet International to offer a seamless experience to those contributing to the fund.

Nelnet International Managing Director David Heffernan said Nelnet International was excited to be partnering with Curtin and Centrality, to deliver blockchain-specific applications.

To make a cryptocurrency donation to the fund or for more information, visit here.

About Curtin University

Curtin is ranked in the top one percent of universities worldwide, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2018. The University has a reputation for innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, being at the forefront of many high-profile research projects in astronomy, biosciences, economics, mining, and information technology. It also has strong connections with industry and pledged a commitment to preparing students for future jobs.

How to Apply Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund

Interested and qualified in Cryptocurrency PhD Scholarship Fund? Go to Curtin University website to apply

 Interested students should follow the instructions below to apply for any of the Curtin University Dubai Excellence Scholarships;

  1. Students must apply for funding using the appropriate request form along with a supporting letter highlighting their merits or need for financial aid.
  2. Applications must be completed in full to be eligible. Incomplete applications will be deemed unsuccessful.
  3. All relevant supporting documents, including original academic documents, must be presented to Curtin Dubai for review before the application deadline.
  4. Students who receive a Conditional Offer Letter must provide the remaining documents and complete pending formalities to continue to be enrolled in their units for the applicable teaching period.
  5. These documents need to be provided by the census date to avoid automatic withdrawal.
  6. To accept your funding offer, you will need to sign and submit the Award Letter to your Admissions Officer.
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For more details, visit Curtin University

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