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NWAG Scholarship Application 2024/2025

The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) is a non-profit organization comprised of Nigerian women residing in Georgia, aimed at empowering women, youth, and children in their local community and in their motherland, Nigeria.

One of the significant ways NWAG helps to achieve these goals is through its scholarship program, the NWAG Scholarship, for Nigerian female undergraduate students studying in Nigeria and Nigerian students studying in the state of Georgia.

Who is Eligible for the NWAG Scholarship?

Eligibility for the NWAG Scholarship is determined by several specific criteria that applicants must meet. These include:

  • Location: There are two primary categories of applicants that the scholarship targets; Nigerian female undergraduate students studying in Nigeria, and Nigerian students of any gender studying in Georgia. So applicants must either be studying in a recognized Nigerian tertiary institution or a recognized institution in the state of Georgia in the United States.
  • Course of Study: While the NWAG scholarship is open to students across a variety of fields, preference is given to those pursuing courses that align with NWAG’s mission of empowering women and youth. This might include courses in Social Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, and others.
  • Academic Standing: Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate program at a recognized tertiary institution, whether in Nigeria or Georgia, at the time of application. They should also be in good academic standing with a grade point average that meets or exceeds the standard set by their institution.
  • Financial Need: One of the key aims of the NWAG scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students who might not otherwise be able to afford higher education. Therefore, applicants must be able to demonstrate a genuine need for financial aid.

While meeting these criteria does not guarantee a scholarship, it does make one eligible for consideration. The selection committee of the NWAG scholarship program evaluates each application on its merit, considering both the academic potential and the personal qualities of the applicants.

How to Apply for the NWAG Scholarship 

Applying for the NWAG Scholarship involves a few crucial steps that applicants must carefully follow to ensure their application is valid and complete. This section will guide you through this process, providing you with an easy-to-follow checklist. Here is how to apply for the NWAG Scholarship:

  1. Download application materials: When available, download the application form and guidelines from the official NWAG website (https://www.nwag.org/nigeria-scholarship.php).
  2. Prepare documents: Gather all required documents like:
    • Passport photograph
    • School ID card
    • Letter of admission
    • Birth certificate
    • O’Level result
    • JAMB result
    • CGPA transcripts
    • State of origin certificate
    • Recommendation letter from Head of Department
  3. Complete the application form: Carefully fill out the online or paper form according to instructions.
  4. Submit your application: Meet the deadline and submit your complete application package through the specified method (online portal, email, or mail)
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Following these steps will help you submit a complete and accurate application for the NWAG Scholarship. Remember to double-check all your information and documents before submission. A carefully filled application can make a strong case for your eligibility and can increase your chances of being selected for the scholarship. Best of luck with your application!

Benefits Of The Scholarship  

The NWAG Scholarship program is not only a financial aid opportunity; it also offers a variety of benefits that can significantly enhance the academic and personal growth of the scholarship recipients. Here are some of the key benefits that scholars receive:

  • Financial Assistance: The most immediate benefit of the NWAG Scholarship is the financial support it offers. The scholarship provides a substantial sum of money annually to help cover tuition fees, books, and other academic expenses. This alleviates the financial burden on the students and their families and allows them to focus more on their studies.
  • Empowerment Opportunities: In line with NWAG’s mission of empowering women and youth, the scholarship program offers a platform for students to develop their leadership skills. Scholars are encouraged to take on leadership roles in their communities and on campus, allowing them to gain essential skills that can prove invaluable in their future careers.
  • Networking Opportunities: NWAG scholars have the unique opportunity to connect with a network of accomplished Nigerian women living in Georgia. These connections can offer valuable mentorship, internships, and job opportunities. Also, it gives scholars the chance to learn from and be inspired by successful individuals who share similar backgrounds and experiences.
  • Community Engagement: As part of the scholarship requirements, students are expected to engage in community service. This not only benefits the community but also allows the students to develop a sense of social responsibility, gain practical experience, and build a strong resume.
  • Recognition: Being selected for the NWAG Scholarship is a prestigious honor that can significantly enhance a student’s academic profile. This recognition can open doors to further scholarships, grants, and other academic opportunities.

These are just some of the benefits that come with the NWAG Scholarship. The program goes beyond financial assistance to offer scholars a comprehensive support system that nurtures their academic, personal, and professional growth. This, in turn, helps to empower the next generation of Nigerian leaders, contributing to the development and progress of Nigeria and its diaspora community.

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What is the NWAG scholarship Program for Nigerian female students in 2024?

The NWAG Scholarship Program for Nigerian female students in 2024 awarded one-time scholarships of ₦100,000 each to 37 undergraduate students: one per state of origin and one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It focused on supporting students in STEM fields.

What is the NWAG undergraduate scholarship?

NWAG offers an undergraduate scholarship program specifically for Nigerian female students. They typically award one-time scholarships to students in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). While the 2023 application has closed, they usually open new applications around June/July, so remember to check their website and social media for announcements.

Is there a scholarship for Nigerian undergraduate 2024?

Yes, there are several scholarships available for Nigerian undergraduates in 2024, including:

  • Government scholarships: Check the Federal Ministry of Education website (https://education.gov.ng/fsb/) for various programs.
  • University scholarships: Many universities offer their own scholarship programs. Contact your university’s financial aid office or scholarship office for details.
  • Private scholarships: Explore platforms like Scholarships.ng ([invalid URL scholarshipsng ON Scholarships.ng]) and MySchoolGist (https://myschool.ng/news/category/undergraduate-scholarships) for various opportunities.

Is there any scholarship available in Nigeria?

Yes, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available in Nigeria offered by various organizations, government agencies, and individuals. These scholarships span across different fields of study and support students at various levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate.

Which organization gives scholarships in Nigeria?

Many organizations offer scholarships in Nigeria. Here are a few examples:

  • Government agencies: Federal Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF)
  • Private organizations: MTN Foundation, Agbami Scholarship, Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo) Scholarship
  • Universities: Most universities in Nigeria offer their own scholarship programs.
  • International organizations: Chevening Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships

Remember, researching thoroughly and exploring various options is crucial to find scholarships that align with your field of study, financial need, and academic goals. Utilize platforms like Scholarships.ng and MySchoolGist to stay updated on new opportunities and application deadlines.


In closing, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) scholarship offers a commendable initiative geared towards empowering Nigerian students, particularly women and youth, both in Nigeria and the state of Georgia.  

In the grand scheme of things, the NWAG scholarship is more than a financial aid program; it is an investment in the future of Nigeria and its diaspora community. It is an affirmation of the power of education in transforming lives and communities. And most importantly, it is a testament to the unwavering commitment of Nigerian women in Georgia to empower the next generation of Nigerian leaders. Whether you are an applicant, a scholar, or a supporter of NWAG, we all have a role to play in this transformative mission. Together, we can help create a better future for Nigeria and its diaspora community, one scholar at a time.

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