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Fully Funded Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) Scholarships 2024/2025

The Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) offers a wealth of scholarships that are fully funded, providing unparalleled opportunities for motivated students to pursue their academic aspirations.

These scholarships are sponsored by various organizations and cover a range of fields and disciplines. Let’s explore some of these opportunities and how they can shape your future.

Republic of Congo (Chevening Scholarship)

The Chevening Scholarship is a golden opportunity that sets a global stage for future leaders hailing from Congo-Brazzaville. Sponsored by the UK government, this prestigious scholarship covers a vast array of expenses for a one-year master’s degree at any UK university, including tuition fees, living costs, airfares, and more. 


  • Citizenship: Be a citizen of the Republic of Congo and ordinarily resident in the country for at least five years before applying.
  • Age: There is no upper age limit, but most applicants are between 25 and 35 years old.
  • Education: Hold a recognized undergraduate degree equivalent to a UK second-class upper division (2:1).
  • Work experience: Have at least two years (2,800 hours) of relevant work experience.
  • English language proficiency: Demonstrate strong English language skills through a recognized test like IELTS or TOEFL. Specific score requirements depend on your chosen course and university.
  • Leadership potential: Show evidence of leadership qualities through your career, community involvement, or other initiatives.
  • Return to home country: Commit to returning to the Republic of Congo for a minimum of two years after completing your studies.

Application Process:

  1. Choose your study program: Browse the vast selection of postgraduate courses offered by UK universities within Chevening-eligible fields.
  2. Check specific program requirements: Each program may have additional eligibility criteria and application requirements. Contact the universities directly for further details.
  3. Apply to your chosen program: Submit your application directly to the university you’re interested in, following their specific instructions and deadlines.
  4. Complete the Chevening Scholarship application form: Submit your online application form on the Chevening website: https://www.chevening.org/apply/: https://www.chevening.org/apply/.
  5. Submit supporting documents: These typically include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and your English language proficiency certificate.

Additionally, it looks for candidates who show a clear intention of making a significant impact in their home country post-graduation. So, if you see yourself as a future influencer ready to make a difference back home, this opportunity is tailored for you.

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Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJWBGSP)

The program, a collaboration between the Government of Japan and the World Bank, facilitates study in development-related fields at selected universities worldwide. 

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  • Citizenship: Be a citizen of a developing country listed on the JJWBGSP website, including Republic of Congo.
  • Age: Between 30 and 45 years old at the application deadline.
  • Education: Hold a recognized bachelor’s degree earned at least three years prior to the application deadline.
  • Work Experience: Have at least three years of recent development-related work experience after earning your bachelor’s degree.
  • English Language Proficiency: Demonstrate strong English language skills through a recognized test like IELTS or TOEFL. Specific score requirements vary depending on your chosen program and university.
  • Commitment to Return: Upon completing your studies, you must return to your home country and contribute to development for at least two years.


  • Full Tuition Coverage: The scholarship covers the full tuition fees for your chosen master’s program.
  • Monthly Living Stipend: You’ll receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses while studying abroad.
  • Round-Trip Airfare: The scholarship covers travel costs to and from your home country.
  • Health Insurance: You’ll receive health insurance coverage during your studies.
  • Travel Allowance: An additional allowance is provided for program-related travel.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow scholars, development professionals, and World Bank experts.

Application Process:

  1. Review Eligibility Criteria: Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements before applying.
  2. Choose Your Program: Explore the list of participating programs and universities on the JJWBGSP website
  3. Contact Your National Selection Committee: Locate and contact your country’s JJWBGSP selection committee for specific application deadlines and procedures.
  4. Prepare Application Materials: Gather required documents like academic transcripts, official test scores, recommendation letters, CV, and a detailed personal statement outlining your development goals and how the scholarship aligns with your career aspirations.
  5. Submit Your Application: Meet the deadline set by your country’s selection committee and submit your completed application through the online platform.

So, if you’re passionate about development and eager to make a difference in Congo-Brazzaville, the JJWBGSP could be your perfect academic match.

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Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

This unique scholarship program is specially designed for students hailing from Congo-Brazzaville, offering fully-funded scholarships for master’s and doctoral programs. 

Who can apply?

  • Open to students from all over the world, including Congo.
  • Typically require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Some programs may have additional specific requirements.

How to apply:

  1. Browse EMJMD programs: Explore the Erasmus Mundus Catalogue to find programs that align with your academic interests and career goals: https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/opportunities/opportunities-for-individuals/students/erasmus-mundus-joint-masters
  2. Check eligibility and deadlines: Each EMJMD program has its own eligibility criteria and application deadlines. Contact the program consortium directly for specific details.
  3. Prepare your application: Gather required documents like academic transcripts, official test scores, letters of recommendation, and a compelling personal statement.
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If you’re intrigued by the idea of an international educational experience, the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships could be your stepping stone to a world of opportunities.

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Which country is easiest to get a fully funded scholarship?

If you’re looking for a country where it’s relatively easy to get a fully funded scholarship, then Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Finland would be worth considering. These countries have many scholarship programs available for international students and offer competitive funding packages that cover tuition, living expenses, health insurance, and more.

Which country has the most scholarships?

If you’re looking for a country with a large number of scholarship opportunities, the United States is a good option. The United States is home to hundreds of scholarship programs, many of which are open to international students. Popular options include the Fulbright Program, the Rhodes Scholarship, and the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Another country with a high number of scholarships is the United Kingdom, which offers a variety of funding opportunities for students from around the world. 

How do I get a fully funded scholarship abroad?

Here are some strategies to increase your chances:

  • Target prestigious scholarships: Consider highly competitive programs like Fulbright or Rhodes, often offering full funding.
  • Demonstrate exceptional merit: Showcase top academic grades, impactful research, and relevant extracurricular achievements.
  • Highlight your potential: In application essays, emphasize your future contributions and how the scholarship empowers you to achieve them.
  • Research thoroughly: Identify scholarships aligning with your field and aspirations, checking eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

Which fully funded PhD scholarships for international students 2024 without IELTS?

Several options exist, but remember, many PhD programs still require some form of English language proficiency demonstration. Here are some potential possibilities:

  • DAAD Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Germany: Don’t always require IELTS, but might involve an alternative test or interview.
  • ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships: Offer full funding without requiring IELTS for some programs.
  • University of Melbourne International Research Scholarships: May waive IELTS for high-performing applicants.

Which country does not require IELTS for PhD?

While no country eliminates all English language requirements for PhD programs, some might accept alternatives:

  • Germany: Many universities accept the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or other equivalent tests.
  • Scandinavian countries: Often accept strong academic performance and English-taught previous degrees as indicators of proficiency.
  • Netherlands: Numerous universities accept TOEFL or other tests in place of IELTS.

Remember, research specific programs and universities thoroughly to confirm their English language requirements and waiver policies.


In conclusion, the Fully Funded Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) Scholarships are an excellent opportunity for students in Congo to pursue their academic dreams. With these scholarships, students can receive financial support to cover all expenses related to their education, including tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other living expenses.

This initiative will not only empower the students but also contribute to the development of the country. Therefore, interested students should take advantage of this opportunity and apply for these scholarships to realize their academic aspirations. 

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