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Fully Funded Latvia Scholarships 2024/2025

Are you considering furthering your education in Latvia but aren’t sure where to start? Latvia has become an increasingly popular destination for international students, thanks to its high-quality education system and affordable cost of living. 

And for those looking for financial assistance, there are some fully funded scholarship opportunities available. From the Latvian State Scholarships to the Riga Graduate School of Law Scholarships, there are plenty of ways to fund your education in Latvia. 

Latvian State Scholarships

International students, researchers, and teaching staff can pursue their academic goals in Latvia through the Latvian State Scholarships, a fully funded scholarship program offered by the Latvian government. 

Key Features:

  • Fully funded: Tuition fees, monthly stipend, and travel costs covered.
  • Wide range of fields: Available for studies in various fields at Latvian universities and higher education institutions.
  • Competitive: Awarded based on academic merit, research potential, and career goals.
  • Open to: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD students, young researchers, and academic staff.
  • Next call for applications: Opens on February 1st, 2024, with a deadline of April 1st, 2024.

Ready to apply?

  • Visit the official website: https://scholarships.viaa.gov.lv/
  • Check eligibility criteria: Ensure you meet the requirements for your chosen scholarship category.
  • Prepare your application: Gather necessary documents, transcripts, and research proposals (if applicable).
  • Submit your application: Apply online within the deadline.

It’s an opportunity like no other, combining the prospect of a world-class education with the chance to explore and understand the vibrant Latvian culture firsthand. 

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RISEBA Master’s Scholarships

RISEBA University’s Master’s Scholarships are a life-changing opportunity for international students seeking to further their education in Latvia. Not only do these scholarships cover tuition fees, but they also provide a monthly stipend and language training. Beyond its financial benefits, the RISEBA Master’s Scholarships also give students the chance to be a part of an international community, connect with industry professionals, and gain real-world experience through internships. 


  • Open to: International students and Latvian citizens.
  • Academic requirements: Vary depending on the scholarship. Generally, a strong academic record with a B average or higher is expected.
  • Additional criteria: Some scholarships have specific criteria, such as demonstrating creative potential, involvement in sports, or belonging to certain underrepresented groups.
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Application Process:

  • Deadlines: Application deadlines usually range from October to April, depending on the scholarship. Early application is recommended.
  • Application documents: Typically include an application form, CV, academic transcripts, motivational letter, proof of English language proficiency, and additional documents specific to the chosen scholarship.
  • Selection process: Applications are reviewed by a committee based on academic merit, scholarship-specific criteria, and the strength of the application package.

So, if you’re fueled by ambition, passion, and the desire to make an impact, RISEBA Master’s Scholarships could be your stepping stone to not just an education, but an unforgettable life experience in Latvia.

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University of Latvia Excellence Scholarships

Have you ever dreamed of stepping onto a vibrant university campus, armed with nothing but your ambition and the eagerness to learn? That dream can now become a reality, thanks to the University of Latvia Excellence Scholarships. 


  • Academic excellence: Strong academic record with high grades and relevant achievements in your chosen field.
  • English language proficiency: Demonstrated English language skills meeting the required standards (usually TOEFL or IELTS).
  • Motivation: A clear and convincing motivation letter explaining your academic goals, career aspirations, and why you deserve the scholarship.
  • Additional criteria: Some scholarships might have specific requirements like nationality, age, or field of study.

Application Process:

  • Deadlines: Vary depending on the scholarship, typically between February and April.
  • Application form: Submit your application online through the University of Latvia Scholarship System.
  • Required documents: Typically include an application form, CV, academic transcripts, motivational letter, proof of English language proficiency, and any additional documents specific to the chosen scholarship.
  • Selection process: Applications are reviewed by a committee based on academic merit, scholarship-specific criteria, and the strength of the application package.

The University of Latvia believes in nurturing every talent and empowering every passion. 

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What is the Latvia fully funded scholarship 2024?

There’s not one specific “Latvia fully funded scholarship 2024” program. However, Latvia offers several options for international students seeking financial support, including:

  • Latvian State Scholarships: Open for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies, covering tuition fees, a monthly stipend, and travel costs. Applications open February 1st, 2024, with a deadline of April 1st, 2024.
  • University-specific scholarships: Many Latvian universities offer their own scholarship programs for international students. You can visit the websites of your preferred universities to explore their options.
  • World Bank Scholarships: While not specific to Latvia, the World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowships program supports postgraduate studies in development-related fields at selected universities worldwide. Latvia might have participating institutions.
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Which country is easiest to get a fully funded scholarship?

With its wide range of scholarship programs and relaxed eligibility criteria, New Zealand is considered one of the easiest countries to obtain a fully funded scholarship.  

Can I study in Latvia without IELTS?

Most universities in Latvia require proof of English language proficiency for international students. While IELTS is a common test, some universities might accept alternatives like TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Duolingo English Test. Check the specific requirements of your chosen program and university.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

Landing a 100% scholarship can seem like a tall order, but with the right preparation and persistence, it’s possible. Start by determining what your strengths are and how they might align with scholarship criteria. Then, do your research to find the scholarships that match your goals and qualifications. Next, make sure you have a strong application that showcases your skills and achievements. F

Which country is best for full free scholarships?

It’s not just about “free” scholarships; consider factors like program quality, career prospects, and cultural fit. Some countries with good options include:

  • Germany: Numerous fully-funded Master’s programs, especially in STEM fields.
  • Norway: Affordable public universities with generous government scholarships.
  • France: Long tradition of academic excellence and scholarships for international students.
  • Netherlands: English-language programs and various scholarship options.

Remember, research thoroughly, understand eligibility criteria, and prepare competitive applications for scholarships aligned with your aspirations. Good luck!


The scholarships mentioned above are not just financial aids, they are gateways to experiences that can revolutionize your academic and personal life. The Latvian State Scholarships, RISEBA Master’s Scholarships, University of Latvia Excellence Scholarships, and the World Bank Robert S. McNamara Scholarships each offer their unique blend of opportunities and experiences. 

They open the doors to Latvia’s vibrant higher education scene, while also introducing you to the rich culture and life of this Baltic nation. So, if you’re eager to embark on a remarkable educational journey and ready to chase your academic dreams, these fully-funded Latvia scholarships are your launchpad. Remember, the world of academia thrives on innovation, knowledge, and diversity. Latvia offers all of these and more. Your quest for knowledge could turn into the adventure of a lifetime. So, fuel up your ambition, ignite your passion, and get ready to chart your course in the world of academia with these fully-funded Latvia scholarships. Don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking, reach out, seize them, and start creating your own success story.

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