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Immigrate To Canada through Express Entry

Express Entry is the application process for skilled immigrants who want to move to Canada permanently and participate in growing the Canadian economy.

How Express Entry works

Express Entry is an online system that people use to handle applications for Canada permanent residence for skilled workers.

Step 1: Find out if you’re eligible

You can find two ways to discover if you’re qualified to receive an invitation to apply for Express Entry:

Find out if you are eligible to apply for Express Entry

Do you wish to live permanently in Canada and work in Canada?

Answer a few pre-determined questions to learn if you may be able to apply for Express Entry.

You can find three immigration programs under Express Entry, and each has different requirements. You will require about 10 to 15 minutes to complete this form.

You will soon be asked questions about your:

  • nationality
  • age
  • language ability
  • members of the family
  • education
  • work experience
  • precisely any job offer

Based on your own answers, we can tell you what programs you may well be qualified for, so be as accurate as you can.

If you’re invited to Express Entry, we provide you with an in-depth set of instructions on what direction to go next. This could include filling out an online profile.

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Based on this profile, if you meet certain requirements, you will soon be added to a pool of candidates for immigration, and possibly invited to apply to immigrate.

Step 2: Get your documents ready

You’ll need documents, such as for instance language test results, to show that you’re qualified to receive Express Entry. Some documents take quite a while to obtain, so you must have them ready now.

Step 3: Submit your profile

Your Express Entry profile is where you give us details about yourself.

If you’re eligible, we’ll accept you into our pool of candidates.

You will be ranked in the Express Entry pool utilizing a points-based system. Your score is on the basis of the information in your profile.

Step 4: Receive an invitation and apply for permanent residence

Invitations are sent to the candidates with the greatest scores in the pool. When we invite you to apply, you should have 90 days to submit your application for permanent residence.

We’ll process most complete applications that have all the supporting documents in 6 months or less.


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