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India Universities and Schools that Accept HND Certificates, Second Class and 3rd Class for Masters Degree Programs

In recent years, India has become an increasingly popular destination for students looking to pursue a master’s degree. One of the main reasons for this is the country’s wide range of universities and schools that accept HNDs, second class and 3rd class for admission. 

This includes some of the top universities in the country, such as the University of Mumbai and the University of Delhi. Not only do these universities accept HNDs, but they also offer a range of financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students.  

Let’s take a look at India Universities and Schools that Accept HND Certificates, Second Class and 3rd Class for Masters Degree Programs

Eligibility Criteria For Master’s Degree In India Universities and Schools 

Gaining admission to a master’s degree program in India as a holder of an HND certificate, or with second or third class honors from your undergraduate studies, requires understanding the specific eligibility criteria set by the institutions. While each university or school might have unique requirements, there are commonalities that you can expect across most institutions. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the general eligibility criteria:

  • Equivalence Certificate (for International Qualifications): Students with qualifications from outside India might need to obtain an equivalence certificate from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) to ensure their qualifications are recognized as equivalent to the Indian educational structure.
  • English Language Proficiency: Many universities in India teach in English, especially at the postgraduate level. Non-native English speakers might be required to prove their proficiency through exams like the TOEFL or IELTS, with a minimum score set by the institution.
  • Entrance Exams: Depending on the university and the specific master’s program, applicants may need to pass an entrance examination. These exams test the candidate’s aptitude, analytical skills, and subject knowledge relevant to the desired field of study.
  • Work Experience: Some programs, particularly those in management or specialized technical fields, may require applicants to have relevant work experience. The duration and nature of required experience can vary significantly between programs and institutions.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Applicants are often required to submit letters of recommendation from academics or professionals who can attest to the candidate’s suitability for postgraduate study.
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These criteria serve as a foundational checklist for aspiring master’s students with HND certificates, or second and third class honors, aiming to pursue further studies in India. It’s vital to visit each university’s or school’s official website or contact their admissions office directly for the most current and detailed admission requirements specific to your desired program.

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India Universities that Accept HND Certificates, Second Class and 3rd Class for Masters Degree Programs

Finding a university in India that aligns with your academic history and future aspirations is a crucial step for students with HND certificates, second class, or third class honors. Below is a curated list of universities in India known for their inclusive admission policies for master’s degree programs:

1) Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU): 

Renowned for its flexible admission criteria, IGNOU accepts students with a wide range of qualifications, including those holding an HND or lower division honors, into various master’s programs through distance learning.

2) University of Delhi 

Some departments within this prestigious university are known to consider applicants with second or third class honors for postgraduate studies, particularly if the candidates display strong potential in their field of interest through entrance exams or interviews.

3) Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

JNU, a leading university in India, provides opportunities for students with diverse academic backgrounds to pursue master’s degrees, contingent on passing their rigorous entrance examinations.

4) Amity University

Known for its modern approach to education, Amity University offers certain postgraduate programs that admit students with HND certificates or lower division undergraduate degrees, emphasizing a holistic evaluation of the applicant’s profile beyond just academic grades.

5) Anna University

Situated in Tamil Nadu, this institution accommodates students from varied academic standings in its master’s programs, especially in engineering and technology fields, provided they meet other specific eligibility criteria and entrance requirements.

These universities represent just a fraction of the opportunities available in India for students with varied educational backgrounds. Each institution has its unique set of criteria and application process, so potential applicants are encouraged to directly contact the admissions offices or visit the official websites for the most accurate and current information.

India Schools that Accept HND Certificates, Second Class and 3rd Class for Masters Degree Programs

While the term “schools” in the context of higher education usually refers to universities or specific colleges within universities, there are specialized institutions and professional schools in India that also welcome students with varied academic qualifications, including those with HND certificates, second class, and third class degrees Here’s a list of noteworthy schools that accommodate such diverse educational backgrounds:

1)  Indian Institute of Management (IIM)

Several IIMs across India, known for their prestigious MBA programs, have been observed to consider candidates with diverse academic performances, provided they excel in the entrance examinations like CAT, GMAT, or GRE, showcasing leadership potential and work experience.

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2) Indian School of Business (ISB)

Although highly competitive, ISB offers opportunities for candidates with substantial professional achievements and leadership qualities, regardless of their undergraduate grade classifications. Applicants must excel in GMAT or GRE scores to be considered.

3) National Institute of Design (NID)

For creative minds aiming to pursue a Master of Design (M.Des.), NID evaluates applicants based on their design aptitude and potential as shown through a Design Aptitude Test, followed by a Studio Test and Personal Interview, rather than solely on academic grades.

4) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Some departments within various IITs may consider applicants with lower academic classifications for their M.Tech and other postgraduate programs, especially if the candidates demonstrate exceptional aptitude in GATE or departmental entrance tests.

5) Symbiosis International University

Known for its wide range of professional master’s programs, Symbiosis assesses candidates through its own entrance tests, personal interviews, and group exercises, making room for those with diverse academic backgrounds to prove their mettle.


Can I apply for Masters with my HND certificate?

In most cases, yes, you can apply for a master’s degree with a Higher National Diploma (HND). However, it’s important to check the specific requirements of the universities and programs you’re interested in. Some universities may require that you have a bachelor’s degree, while others may be open to students with HNDs. It’s

Does University of Calgary accept HND for Masters Degree?

The University of Calgary does not currently accept Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) as a qualification for admission into its master’s degree programs. However, it does accept HNDs as an equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in some cases. So, if you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Calgary, you may still be able to do so, even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree

Does Australia university accept HND for Masters?

The acceptance of HND (Higher National Diploma) qualifications for admission to master’s programs in Australian universities may vary between institutions and specific programs. While some universities in Australia may consider applicants with HND qualifications for admission to certain master’s programs, others may require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification. Prospective students should research the admission requirements of individual universities in Australia and contact the admissions offices for specific information regarding HND qualifications.

Can I do Masters with a third class degree in USA?

Some universities in Australia do accept HNDs as a qualification for entry into their master’s degree programs. This is especially true for universities in the state of Victoria, such as the University of Melbourne and Monash University. In addition to the HND, these universities may also require students to have a certain grade point average (GPA) and meet other requirements, such as English language proficiency.

What is the CGPA for 3rd class?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average, and it is a measure of a student’s academic performance. The CGPA for a third class is typically between 2.0 and 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. This means that a student has earned an average grade of C, which is considered to be a passing grade. In some cases, a student with a CGPA of 3rd class may be eligible for a bachelor’s degree, but this will depend on the specific university and program.


India is home to some of the best universities in the world, and many of them accept HNDs for admission into their master’s degree programs. The criteria for admission may vary, but in general, universities in India look for students with good academic performance and the ability to demonstrate their passion for the subject.

In addition to the HND, many universities in India also consider other factors such as work experience, research experience, and recommendations

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