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Top International Fully Funded Scholarships for Women

These top international fully funded scholarships for women are meant to encourage female students to pursue higher education in different courses and subjects like finance, computer science, IT, science, mathematics, international business, etc.

Finding a scholarship can be one of the first steps to reaching your goals, whether that’s going to college or traveling the world. We want to help make your journey as smooth as possible and fill it with as many opportunities and experiences as you’ll allow. So whether you’re looking for a big-name scholarship that names their recipients in Forbes, or a small local award that will offset your textbooks, we’ve got a scholarship for you.

Wherever there are women, there are scholarships for women. Here’s a quick look at the best international scholarships for women.

Women from developing countries – especially African countries, and Least Developed Countries (LDCs) – can also apply for a large number of scholarships specifically open for women; many are established to encourage female participation in technical programmes at the university level.

Scholarships for women allow financial assistance for those who have a Postgraduate Degree. Scholarships for women are offered in the form of grants, bursaries, and other financial aids.


Full List of Top International Fully Funded Scholarships for Women

See the top International Scholarships for Women below: These include the full details of scholarships open for women, scholarship values, deadlines, and how to apply for each scholarship.


  • Seven seas AAUW Foundation Scholarship for Women

Female students require a spectrum of scholarships that fits all the applying candidates in one or another category in order to assure the woman applying. There are many grants available, with set criteria developed for selection.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) provides seven different kinds of grants and fellowships for female students. One of these is specified for US natives or have residency; one is offered for the women residing in the US for educational purposes but belonging to different countries; and one is related to the women having an interest in architecture, computer science, engineering, and mathematics subjects and carrying master’s degree.

  • STEM Women Higher Education Scholarship

There are many foundations that put forward several scholarships fixed for the educational evolution of women in one or another field. One of these is the Schlumberger Foundation striving for the survival of women’s education in science and technology discipline for no gain in return. Not only do women deal with these areas but also those engaging in developing and emerging economies, a front-runner “Faculty for the Future” program award is regarded.

The STEM fields of Science, Technology, and Mathematics concerned women enrolled in Ph.D. and postdoctoral programs can also avail themselves of this program. The receiver is chosen based on scientific knowledge and leadership skills. The award amount is decided on the basis of estimating the cost associated, up to up to US$50,000 per year.

  • International PEO Foundation Scholarship for women

Female education is a compulsory element of their life. Scholarships and grants are key factors of getting excel. By taking all these parameters into account, in 1869 the US-based PEO international starts six projects devoted to the progress of women in educational fields. It is an international scholarship, expanding its scope to the students who reside in the US and Canada to complete their graduate-level studies. International Benzenoid PEO foundation scholarship for scholars is a need base fellowship.

It offers a grant of up to US$3,000 for female students to assure the advancement of students in educational paths without any hurdles. For the undergraduate and doctoral level students, two scholarships named PEO STAR and PEO Scholar are specified.

  • Academic Income Support Claim Scholarship for women

A versatile scholarship that limits applicants aged up to 25 or more carrying their educational journey in the US, Canada, and the universities of South Africa and Latin America is named Margaret McNamara Education GrantsA well-known set fellowship for women to get a good position in academic progress. The candidates need to be belonged to lower to middle developing member countries. The applicants are bound to the commitment to upgrade the girl’s and children’s lives.

  • International Equator Scholarship Program for women
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The international equator scholarship program is a step to collaborate on the advancement of women and girls in educational purposes and to shine their dreams. It gives new wings to the professionalism of female students by offering two scholarship programs. An annual base grant provided by Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship awards.

Research Fellowships by Microsoft:

The Research Women Fellowship by Microsoft can be taken up in any of the partner universities in the USA. Each university will award one scholarship to one of its applicants. The worth of the award is 20,000 USD for a recipient. The recipients should be interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in any of the subject areas offered at the universities. Of the 20,000 USD being awarded, 18,000 USD can go toward offsetting the tuition fee and the 2,000 USD can be used in traveling abroad to attend a conference in the scholars’ chosen area of study. 

Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships:

The Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowships are being awarded in the fields of peace, prosperity, and development studies. This award is solely for women who belong to a developing country and are pursuing a graduate/master’s in peace and development studies.

The number of awards is two and the fellowship can be taken up in institutions from all over the world. The total worth of the award is 10,000 USD which will be given in two parts in the two years of studies (5,000 USD per year). 

Eira Francis Davies Scholarship:

This scholarship is available at Swansea University in the UK. It is a full-tuition scholarship that is awarded to one female applicant a year. The recipient must be from a listed developing country and should be enrolled in a master’s program in the field of Health Sciences at Swansea University. Note that a master’s in Health Science is one of the most expensive programs offered by the university.

L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women:

These awards are given to women who have significant contributions to the field of science. Each year five women scientists are selected from Africa, Asia, Arab, Pacific, Europe, Latin, and North America and are awarded 100,000 Euros. These women must have worked in their countries for at least five years and should belong to one of the following fields:

    • Life Sciences
    • Physical Sciences
    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics

Amelia Earhart Scholarships:

These fellowships are sponsored by Zonta International and Amelia Earhart. The scholarships are given to about 35 women every year who are pursuing Doctorates in the fields of aerospace engineering or aerospace science. The award can be utilized in universities all across the world provided that the universities offer programs in the aforementioned fields.

The Ph.D. fellowship is worth 10,000 USD per recipient. This is a one-time award that cannot be renewed for the second year. 

Anita Borg Memorial Awards by Google:

Google Anita Borg Scholarships can be taken at the Arizona State University at the undergraduate level. The scholarships are solely for women and the undergraduate degree must be in the field of technology. The women scholars will be eligible for an award of 10,000 USD and an annual retreat by Google in the state of California. Women from all over the world can apply. The scholarships are meant for those women who possess leadership skills and can impact the women’s community of tech. 

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarships:

These AAUW awards are sponsored by the American Association of University Women and are meant to provide assistance to international women to pursue graduate, research, and postgraduate programs in affiliated US institutions. Women who have done something worthwhile for the women of their community will be given preference. The aim is to educate those women who have the potential to give back to their fellow women. The value of the master’s program is 18,000 USD per recipient. For doctoral and post-doctoral students it is 20,000 USD and 30,000 USD respectively. The applicants should neither be US citizens nor permanent residents of the USA.

Schlumberger Foundation Scholarships:

The Faculty for the Future Scholarships by the Schlumberger Foundation is a fellowship program that is giving out scholarships to prospective Ph.D. and post-doctoral students. The targeted group is women from developing and emerging states. The scholarships are given in the fields of engineering, science, technology, and mathematics at universities spread all across the world. The recipients can get a scholarship worth up to 50,000 USD a year which can be used toward justified educational expenses. They can also get the scholarship renewed provided that they perform well in the first year, are recommended by their supervisors, and provide strong evidence that they will locate themselves back in their home countries after the completion of their study programs.

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MMMF for Women:

Sponsored by the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund, these scholarships are only awarded to women from under-developed and low-income nations. There are many different kinds of scholarships under MMMF. The scholarships can be availed in the USA, Canada, Latin America, and South Africa. Aimed at developing skills and potential, needed to improve the lives of other women, these scholarships cover the educational cost of the recipients in part. 

One of these scholarships is an undergraduate transfer scholarship. This scholarship can cover a large portion of the student’s total educational expenses (which include living expenses, tuition, administrative fees, and textbooks costs). The grant can provide up to 40,000 USD a year for the four years of the undergraduate program. The bachelor’s should be pursued in an affiliated educational institution and can be in any subject area.

PEO Scholarships:

The PEO (also Known as International Peace Scholarships) are for women from foreign countries to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in the USA and Canada. The scholarship can be taken up in one of the partner institutions in any subject area. Research studies, internships, and online degrees are not supported by this program. The scholarships are given on a need and merit basis and cannot cover all the educational and personal expenses of the recipients. The maximum amount awarded will be 12,500 USD for a year. It can be less for other recipients. The scholarship can be renewed for only the second year of studies.

  • Greenline Universal Computer Technology Scholarship for women

The powerful tool that gives relaxation to women chasing a good profitable professional career is scholarships and fellowships for any level at any age. The availability of certain scholarships is meant to open new ways of learning and success.

Google’s Women Tec makers Scholars Program scheme is one of those scholarships that give support to female students. Many female students studying in any institutes are associated with the fields related to Science and Technology at the undergraduate or graduate level, so this scholarship is a great and fascinating opportunity for them to avail of. This international scholarship carries worth about US$10,000.

This is a merit-based scholarship. Every scholarship can give financial support but, one attribute attached to this scholarship is that the awardee will be enabled to visit Google’s major regional offices for exceptional training including workshops, speakers, networking and social activities, and much more.

  • Rosacea International Scholarship for women

Fellowships and grants are as important for women and girls as education. Both these are the basic need and requirements for female students to flourish on the surface of the globe. These scholarships have a beneficial effect on the students concerned in any field or any major.

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Program awards come up with five international women scholarships worth up to £15,000 every year to females active for postdoctoral research in the life sciences at each UK or Irish university or research institute. The purpose is to assist young researchers extensively enriched in practices, by spending time at a leading research center outside of their country.

  • Five Starry Scholarship Grant for women

A scholar can revive the academic life of a woman and a girl. They are financially supported but they are urged to do extraordinary performance by this opportunity. Five Starry scholarship grant awarded by Greater Kansas City Community Foundation is the biggest opportunity available for female students at school and university levels. It is a need-based scholarship worth up to US$1,000.

This scholarship provides a grant to meet expenses of textbooks, exam fees, and educational conferences not for tuition and living costs.

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