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Canada Immigration Process

Immigration to Canada is an exciting and somewhat complicated process. Here, we’ll guide you through your Canada immigration process. Of course Canada is a place for you to live and work but it’s immigration process is tedious especially if you’re applying for the first time.

Immigration to Canada is of two kinds. One is to obtain a Permanent visa for those who want to reside in Canada permanently or obtaining a temporary visa if you are willing to come for a temporary job.

Once you are issued a Canadian immigration visa known as permanent residency card PR, you’re automatically entitled to enjoy all the privileges given to the citizens such as social life, work and you can as well study in any institutions in Canada. As a permanent resident, they’re some certain  restrictions as you’re not allowed to vote and be voted for in an election.

After 3 years of residing in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship and once approved, you will fully become a citizen of Canada.

Before proceeding to Canada immigration processes, let’s take a brief look at the kinds of Canadian immigration.

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Quebec Skilled Worker
  • Business Immigrant
  • Federal Skilled Worker

Family Class Sponsorship

This type of Canadian visa is issued to couples, spouses, or children above 18 who are willing to become citizens or permanent residents in Canada.

To qualify for this visa, a Canadian permanent resident or citizen must demonstrate the financial capability to provide for the sponsor or relative. As per general rule, someone who is  sponsoring must also live in Canada in other to be eligible.

Canadian Experience Class

This type of visa is issued specifically to international students as well as Temporary foreign laborers who wish to become citizens of Canada. Before one can qualify for this, you must at least study or have had experience working in Canada.

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These people have already assimilated into Canadian society and built significant networks in their towns and professions. The qualifications for this kind of Visa solely depend on a pass or fail test.

Provincial Nomination Program

This is the easiest process of immigration to Canada. PNP consists of partnerships between Canadian and provincial governments to choose individuals who are willing to reside in Canada and settle in that particular province.

Almost every province in Canada has consented to participate in this initiative. Provinces may propose applicants in high-demand occupations who would otherwise make significant contributions to the province under the conditions of these agreements.

Quebec Skilled Worker

This is a kind of visa issued to the skilled workers categories of immigration in  the province of Quebec. If an immigrant wishes to live in Quebec upon arrival in Canada, he/see will be chosen based on the Quebec selection criteria irrespective of the evaluation used by CIC. The registration process for Quebec immigration uses the same points-based system but with transparently different criteria and policies.

Business Immigration

This is a kind of immigration visa issued to those who are in position to contribute to the growth of Canada’s economy through their possessed investment skills.

Before you can apply for this kind of visa, you must possess at least financial resources that will contribute to the growth of Canada’s economy and help in creating job opportunities for the citizens. Only people with high business skills and financial stability are eligible to apply for this immigration program.

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal skilled worker is issued to an individual workers who posses a certain skills and are willing to become economically established in Canada.

To be qualified for this, you must at least have 1 year experience in the past 10 years in one of

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the 30 qualified occupations.

What are the Canada Immigration Process?

Below are the step-by-step Canada immigration processes.

  1. Introduction

Firstly, the applicant has to read through the Canada immigration preliminary packages as well as the guide and instructions as contained therein.

  1. Application Forms

The second process is to obtain the Canadian application form

  1. Complete Application Forms

After filling out the form, the candidate is expected to forward his/her filled form for review.

  1. Create an online application profile

In this stage, the candidate’s Canada immigration form will be reviewed. If the forms are well organized and completely filled it will it will be processed and sent to applicants for signing.

  1. Send Documents to the Canadian Embassy or VAC

At this stage, the candidate is expected to send all of his/her documents and signed computer generated Canada immigration application forms to the Canadian embassy or visa application center by courier.

  1. Forwarding your Application form to Canadian Embassy

This is specifically for Business and Family immigration applicants, when the written legal arguments are being accessed and accepted by the applicants, the application documents including the written legal essays will be forwarded to the Canadian embassy or visa application center through courier for further screening.

  1. Acknowledgment Received

At this stage, the transferred application documents will be acknowledged and reviewed in the Canada visa office and feedbacks will be sent if the documents are ok, you may be requested for more documents if your previous details are not satisfied enough.

  1. Interview Date/Waiver Notification

After the applicant’s documents are approved or processed, the interview date will be sent to the applicant via email. During the interview, the candidate may undergo a medical test exam and biometrics will be taken at this stage.

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