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Cheap Schools and Universities in Cyprus for Master’s Degrees and Their School Fees

Cyprus, a jewel in the Mediterranean, has steadily emerged as a preferred destination for international students seeking affordable and quality higher education. Known for its warm climate, rich history, and hospitable people, Cyprus also offers a range of educational opportunities that won’t break the bank. Among these opportunities, pursuing a Master’s degree in various disciplines stands out. 

In this blog post, we check into some of the cheap schools and universities in Cyprus that offer Master’s degrees at reasonable school fees, ensuring you can further your education without the burden of excessive debt.

Criteria For Master’s Degree In Cyprus

To pursue a Master’s degree in Cyprus, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English, typically through TOEFL or IELTS exams, unless the prior degree was taught in English.
  • For specific programs, relevant work experience or prior knowledge in the field may be required.
  • Submission of a complete application package, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.
  • Non-EU students must also apply for a student visa and provide proof of financial sustainability for the duration of their studies.
  • Certain programs may require entrance exams or interviews as part of the admissions process.

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Cheap Schools and Universities in Cyprus for Master’s Degrees and Their School Fees

If you are looking forward to doing your master’s degree on a budget, the below ae cheap institutions to consider.

1) University of Cyprus

Situated in the vibrant capital city, Nicosia, the University of Cyprus is at the forefront of offering cost-effective Master’s degree programs across a diverse range of fields, including but not limited to Engineering, Education, Economics, and Health Sciences. 

For EU citizens, the tuition fees present an affordable option, ranging from €2,000 to €8,000 annually. Non-EU students face slightly higher fees but still benefit from the university’s commitment to delivering quality education at reasonable costs. This institution is a prime choice for students prioritizing both excellence in education and financial viability.

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Estimated Tuition Fee: €8,000 annually

2) Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

Located in the bustling city of Limassol, the Cyprus University of Technology stands out for its forward-thinking approach in education and research. Offering Master’s degrees in cutting-edge areas such as Environmental Studies, Digital Arts, and Communication and Internet Studies, CUT is dedicated to equipping students with the skills needed for the modern workforce. 

The tuition costs for these programs are generally about €4,000 annually for students from EU countries, with a slightly increased rate for those coming from outside the EU. This institution perfectly blends affordability with a commitment to innovation and quality, attracting a diverse group of students seeking to make an impact in their chosen fields.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €4,000 annually

3) European University Cyprus (EUC)

European University Cyprus (EUC) distinguishes itself by offering a spectrum of Master’s degree programs tailored to meet the evolving demands of today’s job market. Nestled in Nicosia, this private institution prides itself on blending advanced facilities with a vibrant, international student community. 

Master’s degrees at EUC span across disciplines such as Business Administration, Public Health, and Education Sciences, appealing to a wide array of academic interests. With tuition fees starting from €6,000 annually, EUC stands as an appealing choice for students seeking an affordable yet high-quality private education in Cyprus. The university’s dynamic atmosphere and commitment to excellence make it a nurturing ground for postgraduate students aiming to elevate their careers.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €6,000 annually

4) University of Nicosia

Embracing a multicultural atmosphere, the University of Nicosia sets itself apart with a broad selection of Master’s programs tailored to the evolving global market. From innovative studies in Digital Currency and Computer Science to disciplines such as International Relations, the university prides itself on fostering an environment where students from over 70 countries engage with an international faculty. 

With tuition ranging from €5,000 to €9,000 annually, the programs are designed to be financially accessible while providing a comprehensive global educational experience. This institution is ideal for those aiming to gain a competitive edge in their careers through a diverse and inclusive academic journey.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €5,000 to €9,000

5) Frederick University

Frederick University, strategically located with campuses in both Nicosia and Limassol, distinguishes itself through a robust offering of Master’s programs in diverse areas like Art and Design, Engineering, Business, and Education. This institution is dedicated to fostering a culture of research and innovation, ensuring students are well-equipped to meet the challenges of their respective fields. 

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With an approach that prioritizes accessibility, the university maintains tuition fees for its Master’s programs at about €7,500 annually. This pricing strategy makes it an attractive option for those seeking quality education without the financial strain, reinforcing Frederick University’s dedication to making higher education more inclusive and affordable for a wider range of students.

Estimated Tuition Fee: €7,500 annually.


How much does a Master’s degree cost in Cyprus?

The cost of a master’s degree in Cyprus is typically between €5,000 and €20,000 per year. This cost will vary depending on the specific university and program of study. In addition to tuition fees, there are also additional costs such as housing, food, and transportation to consider. International students may also be required to pay additional fees such as health insurance or a student visa. It is important to research the specific costs associated with your chosen program to get a better idea of what you will be expected to pay. There may also be scholarships or other forms of financial aid available to help offset the cost of your degree.

What is the cheapest university in Cyprus for a Master’s degree?

The University of Nicosia is considered to be the cheapest university in Cyprus for a master’s degree. It offers a range of programs at an affordable cost, with tuition fees starting at around €5,000 per year. In addition to the low tuition fees, the University of Nicosia also offers a number of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help offset the cost of a master’s degree. 

 How much does it cost to study in Cyprus from Nigeria (or any other country outside the EU)?

Non-EU students, including those from Nigeria, typically pay similar tuition fees to other international students in Cyprus. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Public Universities: €4,000 to €6,000 per year (around $4,600 to $6,900 USD).
  • Private Universities: €6,000 to €15,000 or more per year (around $6,900 to $17,250 USD).

How much does international school cost in Cyprus?

This question likely refers to the cost of international high schools or private schools in Cyprus.  The cost of these schools can vary depending on the grade level, location, and the specific school’s offerings. Researching specific schools that interest you is recommended to get a better idea of their costs.

Is Cyprus expensive for international students?

Compared to some Western European countries, Cyprus offers a relatively affordable option for international students, especially at public universities. Living costs in Cyprus are also generally considered moderate. However, tuition fees at private universities can be quite high.


In summary, Cyprus offers a wealth of opportunities for students looking to pursue Master’s degrees without incurring significant debt. The universities mentioned cater to a broad spectrum of interests and career goals, blending affordability with high-quality education.

Whether you’re drawn to the innovative programs at the Cyprus University of Technology or the inclusive, multicultural environment at the University of Nicosia, there’s an option that fits nearly every academic aspiration and budget. By choosing to study in Cyprus, students not only benefit from a cost-effective education but also immerse themselves in a rich cultural experience, making it an ideal destination for postgraduate studies.

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