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Fully Funded Namibia Scholarships 2024/2025

Namibia, a Southern African nation known for its diverse wildlife and majestic landscapes, is also home to a passionate generation of young people eager to carve out a future for themselves in academia.

What better way to support their aspirations than through fully funded scholarships? For Namibian students who dream of higher education without the burden of tuition, there is a plethora of scholarship opportunities just waiting to be seized. Let’s uncover the top five fully funded Namibia scholarships that promise a promising academic journey.

PETROFUND Scholarship for Namibian Students

Another remarkable opportunity available for Namibian students is the PETROFUND Scholarship. This fully-funded scholarship is made possible by Namibia’s Petroleum Training and Education Fund, popularly known as PETROFUND. The organization established this scholarship scheme to support and promote education, training, and research in fields related to the petroleum industry.


  • Citizenship: You must be a Namibian citizen.
  • Academic record: You must demonstrate a strong academic record, typically with an average pass of 60% or above for postgraduate studies and outstanding results in relevant subjects like mathematics, science, and English for undergraduate studies.
  • Field of study: Your chosen field of study must be relevant to the petroleum industry, such as petroleum engineering, geosciences, environmental science, energy economics, or other related fields.
  • Commitment to Namibia: You must be committed to returning to Namibia and working in the petroleum industry for a period equivalent to the duration of the scholarship upon graduation. This commitment helps ensure the investment in your education benefits the country’s development.

Application Process:

  • Application period: The application period typically opens in November and closes in early January, so keep an eye on the official PETROFUND website for specific dates.
  • Application materials: You will need to submit a completed application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement outlining your goals and aspirations in the petroleum industry, and any relevant supporting documents.
  • Selection process: Applications are reviewed by a selection committee based on academic merit, potential for success in the chosen field, and commitment to contributing to the Namibian petroleum industry.
  • Interviews: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews to further assess their suitability for the scholarship.

So, if you’re a Namibian student with a keen interest in the petroleum industry, remember the PETROFUND Scholarship could be your ticket to a fully funded academic journey and a fulfilling career.  

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Sanlam Bursary Scheme for Young Namibian Undergraduates

For the young, ambitious minds of Namibia, the Sanlam Bursary Scheme offers an exciting gateway to higher education. This fully funded bursary is a generous initiative by Sanlam, one of the largest financial services groups in Africa, to support young Namibians’ dreams of pursuing undergraduate studies.


  • Citizenship: Open to Namibian citizens only.
  • Academic Year: Applicable to students in their second, third, or final year of undergraduate studies.
  • Academic record: Strong academic performance with a minimum average of 65% is required.
  • Financial need: Demonstrate financial need to justify the bursary support.
  • Field of study: Focuses on disciplines related to finance and business, including Actuarial Science, Finance, Investment Management, Accounting, and Risk Management.
  • Commitment to Namibia: Upon completion of studies, you must commit to working for Sanlam in Namibia for a period equivalent to the duration of the bursary.
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  • Full tuition fees coverage: Your tuition fees are completely covered, eliminating a major financial burden.
  • Accommodation support: The bursary assists with accommodation costs, ensuring you have a secure and comfortable place to live while you study.
  • Living expenses allowance: Receive a monthly stipend to cover basic living expenses like food and transportation.
  • Book allowances: Get financial support for purchasing necessary textbooks and academic materials.
  • Networking opportunities: Gain valuable connections with Sanlam professionals through potential internships and mentorship programs.
  • Career guidance: Receive guidance and support from Sanlam to navigate your career path in the financial sector.

So, young Namibians with dreams of making a mark in the finance sector, take note of the Sanlam Bursary Scheme. It’s not just a fully funded bursary for your academic journey, but a pathway to shaping your career and contributing positively to Namibia’s financial landscape.  

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Fulbright Scholarship Program (Namibia to USA)

When it comes to prestigious scholarships with global recognition, the Fulbright Scholarship Program undoubtedly takes the stage. This renowned initiative, sponsored by the U.S. government, opens the door to extraordinary academic and cultural exchange opportunities for Namibian students looking to take their education to the next level in the United States. From aspiring Master’s students to potential PhD candidates, the Fulbright Scholarship Program is the golden opportunity to transform your academic dreams into reality.


  • Citizenship: Must be a Namibian citizen.
  • Academic record: Strong academic record with a bachelor’s degree and excellent grades, typically with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Field of study: Open to various fields, but preference given to those aligning with Namibia’s development goals, such as public health, agriculture, education, environmental science, and technology.
  • English language proficiency: Excellent command of English demonstrated through TOEFL or IELTS scores.
  • Leadership potential: Demonstrated leadership qualities and commitment to contributing to Namibia’s development upon returning.
  • Fulbright principles: Alignment with the program’s principles of mutual understanding and cultural exchange.

Application Process:

  • Application period: Opens in April and closes in June of the year preceding your desired study year.
  • Application materials: You will need to submit a completed application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement outlining your academic and professional goals, a research proposal for your proposed studies, and any relevant supporting documents.
  • Selection process: Applications are reviewed by a binational selection committee based on academic merit, research proposal quality, leadership potential, commitment to Namibia, and English language proficiency.
  • Interviews: Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews to further assess their suitability for the scholarship.

However, it is important to remember that the Fulbright Scholarship Program is not a one-way ticket. The program seeks individuals who not only aspire to grow personally and acadically, but are also determined to make a meaningful impact in their homeland. 

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Is any scholarship available in Namibia?

Yes, absolutely! Namibia offers various scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, both within the country and abroad. Some notable options include:

  • Namibian Scholarships and Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF): Provides loans and grants for Namibian students studying locally.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships: Funded by the British government for postgraduate studies in the UK.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: Funded by the European Union for postgraduate studies in Europe.
  • African Development Bank Scholarships: Provides scholarships for African students to study in various countries.
  • University-specific scholarships: Many universities in Namibia offer their own scholarships for both local and international students.
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 Which country is easiest to get fully funded scholarship?

This isn’t a straightforward question as several factors influence scholarship application success, including your academic record, research potential, chosen field of study, and the specific scholarship program. However, some countries are generally known for offering generous scholarships and having less competitive application processes. These include:

  • Germany: DAAD scholarships offer full funding for postgraduate studies in various fields.
  • Norway: Quota Scholarships fund international students at Norwegian universities.
  • Sweden: Swedish Institute scholarships offer full funding for international students at Swedish universities.
  • Netherlands: Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme provides funding for talented international students.
  • France: Eiffel Scholarships offer full funding for PhD studies in France.

Remember, regardless of the “easiest” country, focusing on your academic achievements, building a strong application, and researching relevant scholarships are key to success.

How do you get a 100% scholarship?

There’s no guaranteed formula for a 100% scholarship, but strong preparation and strategic application can significantly increase your chances. Here are some tips:

  • Excel academically: Maintain high grades and demonstrate academic potential.
  • Research scholarship opportunities: Find scholarships aligned with your field, study level, and career goals.
  • Tailor your application: Showcase your unique achievements, experiences, and potential through essays and recommendation letters.
  • Meet eligibility criteria: Ensure you fulfill all application requirements and deadlines.
  • Highlight your contribution: Explain how your studies will benefit your community or field.

Remember, competition for full scholarships can be fierce, so persistence and application to multiple programs are key.

What is the difference between fully funded and funded scholarships?

  • Fully funded scholarships: Cover all your academic expenses, including tuition fees, living costs, health insurance, and sometimes, travel.
  • Funded scholarships: Cover a portion of your expenses, leaving you to supplement the remaining costs.

Consider your financial needs and choose scholarships that realistically address your situation.

Why should we consider you for a fully funded scholarship?

This is your chance to stand out! Briefly and convincingly explain why you deserve the scholarship. Here are some points to consider:

  • Academic achievements: Emphasize your academic excellence, awards, and relevant research experience.
  • Unique skills and experiences: Highlight your extracurricular activities, leadership roles, volunteer work, or unique skills that set you apart.
  • Future goals: Explain how your studies will impact your career and contribute to your chosen field or community.
  • Passion and potential: Demonstrate your dedication to your studies and potential to excel in the program.

Remember, be genuine, specific, and showcase your potential to be a worthy recipient of the scholarship.


The pursuit of academic excellence should never be shackled by financial constraints. This core belief is reflected in the scholarships and fellowships we’ve highlighted in this post. The PETROFUND Scholarship, Sanlam Bursary Scheme, Sean McBride Fellowships, and Fulbright Scholarship Program are some of the most promising fully-funded opportunities for Namibian students to carve out a successful academic future.

In conclusion, for Namibian students with dreams of higher education, these fully funded scholarships present golden opportunities to turn those dreams into reality. They are more than just financial aid; they’re keys to unlock the doors to your academic and career success. They’re not just about creating educated individuals; they’re about shaping the leaders of tomorrow. So, if you’re a Namibian student with academic aspirations, it’s time to reach out and seize these opportunities. Remember, the future is yours to shape. Aim high, dream big, and make a mark on the world. Your journey to success starts now!

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