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Quickest Way To Immigrate To Canada

In order to travel to Canada for immigration, they’re lots of process involved unlike the normal routes in your country of national, the Canadian government has a very wide spread policies regarding foreigners arrival in their country. Before you can travel to Canada you’re expected to obtain the Canadian Visa depending on your purpose of traveling and your duration of stay in the country. If you’re willing to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident they’re several ways in which you can execute your plans. The Canadian department of immigration are responsible for all types of immigration activities to Canada and all applicants are expected to choose within their categories the best fitted types of immigration pathways.

Many people are aware of the few popular immigration pathways to Canada whereas they’re lots more ways in which one can easily travel to Canada as an immigrant without stress or less hurdles. These methods have the same immigration policies and are not quite different from others.

Virtually, they’re up to hundred streams of pathways to which any immigrant who wants to reside in Canada can easily access and apply for. Among the most popular one is the Canadian express entry program. Arguably, the express entry is believed to be the best and easiest ways to migrate to Canada.

If you’re looking for the best possible or perhaps easy ways to travel to Canada as an immigrant, then you’re covered, the Canadian immigration department has provided numerous pathways which are very efficient and simple for immigrants willing to migrate to Canada depending on your possession of the requirements and having met the criteria for being approved for the application. There’s no imperial or superiority in the application but it is quite obvious they’re lots of variation in each types of Canadian immigration pathways.

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What are the various Canadian immigration pathways?

Just like you may be familiar with it, they’re many popular ways one can easily move to Canada for residency, among the popular one’s are;

Express Entry

The express entry Immigration allows citizens of all nationals to migrate to Canada as skilled workers. After meeting up certain requirements and completed all the process, applicants are liable to stand a good chance of being granted a permanent residency in Canada.

Provincial Nominees Program

The Canadian Nominee as the name implies is also a very flexible method of migrating to Canada. this immigration pathway to might seems complex due to the step by step process involved in the application, however one of the most beautiful thing about this program is that individuals are sponsored from their countries of residence without them having to spend any amount of money for the application.

Start-up Visa

The Canadian start up immigration visa though  has a lot of criteria to meet up, however if all conditions are met, it is one of the easiest method to get approved as the applicants are investing in Canada. This type of immigration requires immigrants to Immigrate to Canada and then starting a business and creating jobs for Canadian citizens as well.

Family sponsorship

Sponsoring your relatives to Canada may take a long period of time before the application can be processed however it is quite easy if not the most stress free method of migrating to Canada as the applicants are not required to pass any tests to be able to be approved. Your ability to sponsor your relatives to Canada depends on your status in the country. Those who are registered citizens of Canada has a longer chain of sponsoring relatives than the permanent residents, it is very important to know that only permanent residents and Canadian citizens are entitled to sponsor someone into the country.

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This type of immigration requires the spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and other family relatives to be sponsored to Canada for union.

Student Immigration Visa

The student immigration visa is one of the easiest ways to attain an immigrants status in Canada. It is required for the applicants of this type of immigration to have legally registered as students in Canada under some certain conditions and must be willing to fulfill them.

Depending on your type of program, After graduation from any institution in Canada, they’re lots of job opportunities one can easily choose from and work in Canada either permanently or temporarily. This method is effective and less complicated as far as your students status remains valid.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This type of immigration pathway is quite conditional as the applicants wishing to attain residency in Canada must graduate from any of the school or working in New Brunswick, Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and  Newfoundland.

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