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Types of Canadian Temporary Visas

Here are the types of Canadian Temporary Visas:

  • Canadian tourist Visa. The visitor visa or tourist visa allows its holder to enter Canada for tourism purposes in the country.
  • Canada Super Visa. The Canadian super visa allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to visit their children or grandchildren for an extended stay.
  • Diplomatic and official Visa. The diplomatic and official visa authorizes officials and diplomats of foreign countries to enter Canada for official purposes and functions.
  • Courtesy Visa. The courtesy visa is granted to all persons who are not eligible for a diplomatic and official visa but who are considered important due to their ranks and positions. This includes, for example, members of trade missions or diplomats with a tourist vocation.
  • Canada business Visa. The business visa is granted to those who travel to Canada for commercial purposes as individuals or as a group of business people.
  • Visa to give birth in Canada. This visa is granted to persons who meet all the criteria to stay temporarily in Canada and who are pregnant and who wish to give birth in the country. Giving birth in Canada automatically makes the baby a Canadian citizen.
  • Potential organ donor Visa. This visa is granted to a person who travels to Canada for the purpose of donating an organ to a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Facilitation Visa of Canada. Facilitation visas are granted to dual Canadian citizens who do not have a Canadian passport but who have a passport of another nationality. The facilitation visa is stamped on the other nationality visa of the person due to the extreme difficulties of the person obtaining a Canadian passport.
  • Canadian student Visa. A Canadian student visa is granted to those who have an admission from a Canadian university to complete their studies. If you go to Canada to study for less than 6 months, you can only get a TRV visa, but for more than 6 months of study you will need a student visa.
  • Canada temporary work Visa. Canada temporary work visas are granted to individuals who have a job offer in Canada and will work for up to 6 months. To obtain this visa, the person must present a valid job offer letter from an employer and qualify for a temporary visa.
  • Temporary residence permit. This permit is intended for individuals who are required to travel to Canada for different purposes, but who are otherwise not eligible for a temporary resident visa (TRV). This permit is only issued for the length of time the person needs to be in Canada, such as 2 weeks for a workshop.
  • Working holiday Visa. The Canada working holiday visa is granted to youth from 30 countries, so they can work in Canada and travel. This is a random selection visa, which means that applicants will submit their applications and wait to be randomly selected to apply for the work permit.
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