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USA Immigration Process

US Immigration Process

Virtually everyone will wants to migrate to places with favorable condition and as well where one can thrive especially if the potential is there. US is one of the biggest dreams of many immigrants who are willing to migrate and live outside their country.

For one to immigrate to US they’re step by step process he/she have to follow during the course of the application. There are two kinds of immigration, permanent immigration and temporary immigration. If you are willing to immigrate to the US permanently, They’re some certain information you are required to provide and you also have to meet some requirements before you can proceed for the application.

This article will guide you through the U.S immigration application process and how to get it done and approved easily for both permanent and temporary immigration.

Before applying for U.S immigration visa, there are some questions you have to ask yourself, the question of,

How can I obtain the immigration visa?

What are the types of immigration visa available?

What is the cost of immigration visa to US?

What are the basic requirements for the application?

How do I make an error free application?

What happened after immigration?

The process can be somewhat difficult for applicants who are applying for the first time if proper scrutinizing is not done.

Immigration to the U.S simply means to move to the United States by obtaining an immigration visa ( green card or lawful permanent residence status). This immigrant visa allows confined residency and can be updated indefinitely. It also provides a footpath  to U.S citizenship as applicants are entitled to apply for the US citizenship after completing the condition and some certain requirements.

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Recall that the US immigration is of two types, permanent immigration and temporary immigration. In any of the two applicants can easily access and choose anyone he/she is qualified for. For applicants who are not qualified for permanent immigration, temporary immigration visa can pave way for residency over a long period of time since it can be renewed over time.

Kinds of immigrant Visas

Below are the different types of immigration categories available for applicants wishing to immigrate to the U.S

  • Employment-based visas
  • Humanitarian visas
  • Family-based visas
  • Longtime-resident visas
  • Diversity lottery visas

What are the process for US immigration? 

The process of immigration to US requires candidates to pass some series of application process before completing the application. As an applicant, you have to pass the language test exam, physical screening, and presenting of some certain documents.

Language test exam

This process require you to proof your proficiency in either of the two Canadian official languages which is English language/French. Applicants must take an exam for this and have to meet a certain pass mark before he/she can be qualified to apply.

Proof that you’re not a Criminal

You may be required to provide your past record from places you have lived and answer some questions about your past records. You’re expected to present a letter from any police station in your places of residence.

Medical Exam

Medical exam is also part of the screening process where your health condition will be examined. This is done by a trusted physicians approved by the Canadian embassy or visa application center. If you’re carrier of some certain disease, migrating to Canada may be a bit of hurdle for you.

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Payment of Funds

During the course of your application to US, payments is one of the key process as applicants must pay his/her application fee before submitting.


During the physical screening, your biometrics will also be taken. it is important to know that they’re may be an extra charges for this depending on where you’re applying.

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