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BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Application 2024/2025

As the cost of college education continues to rise, scholarships have become an essential avenue to offsetting these expenses. The BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is one such financial aid program designed to help students achieve their academic dreams. 

This unique scholarship is for students with interests in Agriculture, specifically Agronomy, and is aimed at supporting aspiring undergraduate students in Nigeria.

Benefits of the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme  

The BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is more than just financial aid; it’s a stepping-stone to numerous opportunities and benefits. Here are some key advantages students can look forward to when they receive the BATIA scholarship:

  • Field Exposure: The scholarship scheme also includes an opportunity for field exposure, where students get a hands-on experience in agronomy. This helps students get a practical understanding of what they study in the classroom, setting a strong foundation for their future career in agriculture.
  • Research Opportunities: Scholars under the BATIA scheme get the chance to participate in research activities. This not only enriches their learning experience but also provides them with invaluable insights into current trends, practices, and challenges in the field of agronomy.
  • Mentorship Program: BATIA scholarship scheme comes with a mentorship program, where students are paired with experienced professionals in the agronomy field. This mentorship gives the students a chance to learn from their mentors’ wealth of knowledge, and it also serves as a networking opportunity for future job placements.
  • Skills Development: The scholarship program also focuses on enhancing students’ skills outside the classroom. These include leadership skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. This all-round development equips scholars with essential soft skills needed to excel in their careers and personal life.
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Indeed, the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme offers numerous benefits to its scholars, far beyond merely alleviating the financial burden of tertiary education. It provides a robust platform for students to grow acadically, professionally, and personally, paving the way for a successful career in agronomy.

Eligibility Criteria for the BATIA Scholarship 

To be considered for the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme, applicants must meet specific criteria. These requirements are designed to ensure that the scholarship is awarded to the most deserving students, demonstrating a genuine interest in agronomy and a commitment to use their education to contribute to this field. Here are the eligibility criteria that prospective applicants need to meet:

  • Nationality: The scholarship is open only to Nigerian students, as one of the objectives of the BATIA scholarship is to foster home-grown talent in the field of agronomy.
  • Field of Study: As the name suggests, the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is available to students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in Agronomy or related Agricultural fields.
  • Academic Achievement: Applicants must have excellent academic records. This is typically demonstrated by a high school diploma with outstanding grades, and in some cases, outstanding performance during the first year of undergraduate studies.
  • Financial Need: Given that one of the primary objectives of the BATIA scholarship is to provide financial support to students who might not otherwise be able to afford a college education, demonstrating financial need is a critical criterion.
  • Community Involvement: Applicants must show evidence of active participation in community service or extracurricular activities. This criterion is included to identify students who are not only academically brilliant but also show a commitment to making a difference in their communities.

These eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is awarded to the most deserving students, those who show the potential not only to excel in their studies but also to make significant contributions to the field of agronomy in Nigeria.

The Application Process for the BATIA Scholarship 

The application process for the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is an essential step in securing the scholarship. It requires careful attention to detail to ensure all the requirements are met. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the application process:

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The application process typically opens around October each year. Interested applicants should check the BATN website (https://www.batnigeria.com/) and social media platforms for announcements and application details. The application typically involves:

  • Completing an online application form
  • Submitting academic transcripts and certificates
  • Writing a motivational essay
  • Providing two letters of recommendation

Always remember that this process is more than just a financial aid application; it’s a pathway to educational advancement, professional development, and personal growth.

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What is the BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme?

The BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is a scholarship program initiated by British American Tobacco (BAT) to support undergraduate students pursuing degrees in agronomy-related fields at selected universities in Nigeria.

Who is eligible to apply for the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but typically, applicants must be Nigerian citizens, enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs at accredited Nigerian universities, and studying agronomy or related disciplines.

How can I apply for the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship?

The application process usually involves filling out an online application form provided by BAT or its designated scholarship portal. Applicants are required to provide personal information, academic transcripts, proof of enrollment, and any other documents specified in the application guidelines.

What fields of study are covered by the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship?

The scholarship scheme primarily focuses on supporting students studying agronomy-related fields such as crop science, soil science, agricultural economics, agricultural extension services, and other related disciplines.

What are the benefits of the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship?

The benefits typically include financial support to cover tuition fees, academic materials, accommodation, and other related expenses throughout the duration of the undergraduate program. Recipients may also have access to mentorship programs and internship opportunities with BAT.


In wrapping up, the BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA) Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme offers a comprehensive package for Nigerian students pursuing studies in Agronomy and related agricultural fields.  

Finally, the BATIA Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme serves as a strong reminder of the importance of corporate investment in education, particularly in fields like agronomy that play a critical role in the nation’s economy and food security. It is a shining example of how such initiatives can open up opportunities for deserving students, foster home-grown talent, and ultimately contribute to national development. To all aspiring agronomists, the BATIA scholarship is indeed a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

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