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How to migrate to Canada from Philippines

The Philippines has been recorded as one of the main immigration countries to Canada. This country was recorded as the second largest country source to immigrate or obtained permanent immigration visas in Canada as at 2017.

During that year, about 5000 Filipinos clients were approved for permanent residency visas. What’s the fact behind the immigration of thousands of Filipinos to Canada every year? Yes! This is because Filipinos considered Canada as one of the best countries with a low cost of living.

In this article, we’ll discuss step-by-step processes for immigration from the Philippines to Canada. Obtaining Canadian permanent immigration visa can be complicated. We shall discuss it to your satisfaction.

Filipinos mostly immigrate to Canada through caregiver cases. Many people outside the country will immigrate to Canada for work, and others will immigrate for the assistance of families who need help with their children or elderly relatives.

Below are the other reasons why Filipinos immigrate to Canada:

Large population of Filipinos in Canada

Today, Filipinos are recorded as the third most populated Asian-Canadian group. This means that almost 30% of Filipinos are residents in Canada already. Most especially in Toronto. Toronto has a large Filipinos population, and they still welcome them as they contribute to the culture, economy, and other important activities in Canada.

The population of Filipinos in Canada increased by 26% as of 2016 according to the result of the 2016 population census.

Language Barriers

One of the necessary requirements an applicant must know is language, it is necessary to know English or French when applying for a Canada immigration visa.

As a Filipinos, this is the first step to begin your new life in Canada. Even though you understand how to speak English fluently, it may take time to become familiar with their cultural difference slang. So it’s suggested you take an English class before immigrating to Canada to help you adjust to them.

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High-Quality Educational System

Many Filipinos come to Canada for the purposes of acquiring knowledge from their great educational system. The requirements include: for public education, an individual must be around 5-17 ages. Schools have well organized gyms, libraries, laboratories, and cafeterias which are sponsored by the Canadian government. Canada offers quality education which is out of reach for immigrants from the Philippines.

Free Health Care

Canadian government also offers free health care to Filipino immigrants in Canada, the requirements for this is that the immigrant must spend at least  three – four months before he/she can partake in Canadian health care system. All immigrants in Canada can freely consult a doctor or visit their hospitals when they are not physically fit.

This makes Canadian medical industry one of the best industries in the universe for Philippines immigrants in Canada, accessing free health care is a great privilege.

Discrimination-Free Job Market

In Canada, promiscuousness based on gender, race, religion, age is absolutely prohibited by law. New immigrants often have respect for each other’s traditions, ethics, and other differences, this means everyone is equal before the law.

This is enough evidence that Canada is a nice country to live in. Anotherimportant factor is high employment opportunities in Canada. According to the information provided in 2018, the unemployment rate in Canada is just 5.8%, this means that 94.2% of Canadian citizens are working.

Disadvantages of immigration to Canada

As mentioned above, there are many advantages of immigration to Canada. However, there are some disadvantages a candidate from the Philippines can face when moving to Canada. Without being told, moving from your country to a foreign country alone or with your family is something complicated and difficult.

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Increased Living Expenses

Because of all the privileges that permanent residents and citizens enjoy, Canada’s income tax is substantially higher than in other countries. Canadians pay 42.5 percent of their income in taxes on average. In Canada, the sales tax can be as high as 15%. This is significantly greater than in the Philippines, although it balances out due to the higher wage rate in Canada.

Northern Climate Is Cold

When it comes to weather, the Philippines and Canada are diametrically opposed. It takes some time for many Filipinos to acclimate to the chilly environment of Canada. In Canada, you’ll need a variety of outfits for different seasons.

Below are the step-by-step processes to obtain Canadian visa as a Filipinos

  1. Visa Form 

Firstly, you have to obtain and fill the Canadian visa form.

  1. Forward the filled form for review 

After a candidate has successfully filled in for the form, he/she is expected to send the form to the office for review.

  1. create an online profile

After the forwarded document has been reviewed and confirmed legal by the firm, they will proceed and create the online immigration profile for the candidate.

  1. Sending of documents to Canadian office

In this stage, the client’s document will be taken to the Canadian immigration office, after screening the documents, they will approve the client if  he/she is qualified.

  1. Screening date 

After all your applications have been approved, they will send the screening date via your email.

  1. Screening

At this stage, Canadian immigrant officers will verify some things about you.

  1. Medical check-up 

After you have passed the physical screening, you’ll be asked about your health condition, and some medical check-up will be done to confirm that you are physically.


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